Bangladesh Water Expo


India & Bangladesh are connected through civilisational, cultural, social and economic traditions. Both the countries share history and common heritage, linguistic and cultural ties, passion for music, literature and the arts. India and Bangladesh have long shared common objectives for closer economic integration within the South Asia region and trade between the two countries has grown rapidly since the early 1990s.

India being the second in import destination for Bangladesh, this venture will provide an added advantage to both Indian & Bangladeshi water & wastewater treatment solution providers who are scouting for business & trading prospects across borders. Besides this, our credibility along with over a decade’s experience in this industry will present a perfect networking platform for the Indian wastewater industry professionals. Bangladeshi economic growth has been strong and relatively stable.


1) Discover new markets, Business leads, prospective Distributors, Dealers, Agents & Associates.

2) An ideal platform for assessing the market to establish and extend your own presence.

3) Industrial & Municipal buyers will find qualified suppliers.

4) Showcase innovative products, solutions and contemporary technologies.

5) Boost brand image & extent visibility to new heights.

6) Explore new business avenues.

7) A perfect launch for new products and technologies.

8) A bridge between Indian & Bangladesh Market.

9) Finalise business deals.

10) Learn about solutions to water & environmental challenges.

11) An appropriate platform to strengthen and build on your brand image.


12) Join a new water management wave.

13) A perfect meeting place for the prospective exhibitors and end-users.

14) Meet the decision makers and enhance your business through networking & knowledge gaining.

15) Ideal forum for exhibitors to interact with end-users, decision-makers, consultants & industry experts from across Bangladesh.